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Isaac Guzman reviews Danger Bongo Crossing

"Danger Bongo Crossing" is recognized for excellence in songwriting, performance, and sound quality. 

"...the Beatniks have crafted a singular sound that defies easy categorization but provides ample reward to the intrepid seeking out surprises that otherwise go overlooked." -- Isaac Guzman 

The Village Connection

The Bossa Nova Beatniks in a feature article in The Village Connection.

The Balkan from Yugoslavia

 The Bossa Nova Beatniks written up in Yugoslavia's national newspaper the "Balkan" -"music for all times and all countries." --- Dragan Stajic 

Fall Festival

 The Bossa Nova Beatnik appearance at the Huntington Fall Festival 2015 is hearalded.

Off Off Off

 "The Bossa Nova Beatniks turn   the lilt of tropical island music into an idiosyncratic melange fit for the   edgiest downtown club." -- Joshua Tanzer for

Rootstime from Belgium

 Tommy Numbers & the Wildcats written up in "Rootstime" out of Belgium.
"continue dancing   and rock out for half an hour on these nine delicious covers" 

The Tom Gould Interview

Claude Gagne sits down with Bossa Nova Beatnik front man to talk about "Flyboy & the Rhythm Bandits

Fishbone picks The Bossa Nova Beatniks

When asked to pick their favorite songs, the first pick was "Papa La Ska" by the Bossa Nova Beatniks

United Airlines

INK 19 magazine talks Bossa Nova Beatniks and their United Airlines success.

Capsule Review by Mark Waterbury

Gould's vocals compared to Roy Orbison and Sting.

Rootstime Reviews "For the Fun"

Our favorite Belgium Magazine talks about the "For the Fun" album.

Greg Fasolino talks "Heart to Beat"

"Heart is consistently pleasing."

La Hora Del Blues

"This recording will fulfil your expectations and guarantee a more than a complete satisfaction."

 Great review on the Internet - "smart, seductive songs in the best possible light" 


"The Moon Unit" gets a rave review in the Newsday's Nightbeat... "You won't believe this disc was

"The Moon Unit" gets a rave review in the Newsday's Nightbeat... "You won't believe this disc was recorded live in one take." --Kevin Amorim

Cincinnati City Beat

 Mike Breen of Cincinnati describes the Beatniks as "smokey gruff cool...swagering rugged and poetic" 

Sam Ash receives Music Homepage of the Week from 


 "Got Them Rayguns" gets tremendous reviews in the New York newspaper "Newsday". 

Newsday feature article

Newsday see the Suitcase Sized Beatnik Studio in the guise of a Roland VS-880. They say "a sound that rivals the polish of major label releases, which frequently cost $100,000 or more. " 

Shaun Dale reviews Moonlit Bossa

 Tom Gould never fails to surprise, and the surprises he cooks up never fail to delight. It's no surprise at all, though, that he's done it again. 

LI Voice

"Danger Bongo Crossing" is recognized by the Voice.  "...coconut-scented relief to all." Ian D'Giff 


Danger Bongo Crossing

is #38 in the best 50 albums of 1999. 

Village Voice

The Beatniks rock C.B.G.B. as their performance reaches people around the world via streaming media. 

Long Islander review by George Wallace

“Bossa Nova Beatniks…true to the hybridization suggested by the name”

Ashley Blanz talks Cruise Night

"Your mix tape was fire."


"Danger   Bongo Crossing" enters the charts at #1 where it remains for a solid   month.

We were a question on the SAT

"(D) The experience of the Bossa Nova Beatniks, however, is a rare exception to the rule."

The Courier-Journal

Bossa Nova Beatniks are welcome when they travel as seen by this clipping from The Courier-Journal - Louisville, Ky 

The "Band Name Book"

The Bossa Nova Beatniks are featured in The Band Name Book by Noel Hudson.

Gould plays Carnegie Hall

“Kentucky-born singer-songwriter has substantial talent.”

NBT from Scotland

Early press from Scotland about the Gould Guy for "now" people back then.