Chart House Party in Boston Harbor

The 3rd gig played by Bossa Nova Beatnik Bass player, Tom Gould, in his 1st Rock 'n' Roll band


The Bossa Nova Beatniks journey through space and time.

Feel the Love

The images are from the Cool New York Dance Festival launch party.  The party was at the John Ryan Theater in Brooklyn hosted by the Young Soon Kim Dance Company  

Route 66

Written by Bobby Troup and performed by the Bossa Nova Beatniks.  Get your kicks on Route 66...

The American Dream

Written by Eddie and Bob O'Rourke set to a Bossa beat featuring Tim Stapleton on lead vocal

Surf Baby's Samba

The Samba is an important component of Bossa Nova music

Deanne (Where did you go)

Live on Cincinnati City Nights television

Ack Ack

 The "Ack Ack" parody video 

Ack Ack - Live

Recorded live at CBGB


A love song juxtaposed with a sinister film by Zane Gould

Melancholy Day

A Tom Gould penned tune set to video images the weekend George Harrison passed away.

Don't Let Me Down

The Lennon/McCartney classic, "Don't Let Me Down"

Fear of Love

 "Fear of Love" is a sad sad thing... 

When We Kiss

A dreamy piece of music featuring the wonderful Sparlha Swa on lead vocal.

Good Lovin'

The band, Crash Course, recorded live at Oyster Bay High School with actress Heather Matarazzo on guitar

Swamp Thing

Recorded LIVE on  WVIA-FM Radio Scranton, PA by George Graham

Zantee Misfits

A bit of fun around the fire pit

Just Because

Performed by Tommy Numbers & the Wildcats at the Rodeo Bar in NYC. A side project of the Bossa Nova Beatniks recorded to celebrate 60 years of Rock 'n' Roll.

Bad Boy

Before Bossa Nova Beatniks the band was called  Flyboys.  The debut of the Flyboys at The Bitter End on Bleecker Street in NYC

Have a Cool Birthday

 Be sure to wish your friends a Cool Birthday this year...